Community Resilience Planning

Since 2011, the Community Resilience Planning Group has been working with the CWaC and the Cheshire Emergency Services to develop a Resilience Plan. Ashton Hayes Parish Council may have an important role in both the response to and recovery from an emergency. It is possible that the Parish Council may be able to act faster than many of the responding organisations as they have an in-depth local knowledge that would provide invaluable assistance to the response.

By completing a Community Plan the Parish Council is putting arrangements in place to mobilise resources that already exist in the Ashton Hayes community to support residents during an emergency. During a major wide area emergency it could be some time before responding organisations are able to offer assistance. By planning in advance the Parish Council could provide key assistance co-ordinating local response activities.


Draft Resilience Plan June 2013

Here is a copy of our latest plan with the names and contact details of individuals removed. The full document will eventually be held by key individuals who will take action, should the Emergency Services request our help. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Parish Council hold the key documents, along with others.