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Update on recent planning applications

We are delighted to report that the planning appeal by Equity Housing for 15 houses next to the Methodist Chapel has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector (APP/A0665/A/12/2179308).The Parish Council would like to thank everyone for their support in joining in the public debate on this important issue and for their help in drafting our response to the planning department.

The full decision can be found in the three attached documents.

Cover Letter


Costs decision

The application for two houses at the rear of the Golden Lion pub has been refused by the CWAC Planning Department (12/04887/FUL | 2 detached dwellings (resubmission 12/03154/FUL)


12/04887/FUL | 2 detached dwellings (resubmission 12/03154/FUL) | Land At The Golden Lion

12/04887/FUL | 2 detached dwellings (resubmission 12/03154/FUL) | Land At The Golden Lion Church Road Ashton Hayes Chester Cheshire

This application has been 'called in' by CWAC and will be discussed at the CWAC Planning Committee scheduled for 15 January 2013 in G1, HQ, Chester. Three members of the PC have registered to give comments at the meeting. Members of the public can also register to give comments by contacting Sue Wakeford at CWAC


Peel Hall Farm application (12/04512/s73) is withdrawn

The above application is withdrawn - this is the explanation the PC received from Gail Etheridge at CWAC planning department....
"I thought I would give you an update on the above application and the information that we have found out.
The application is to vary condition 9 of a previous application. Condition 9 read:
The means of access to the development from Peel Hall Lane shall not be used by agricultural or construction traffic.
Originally our Planning Enforcement Team requested that the applicant put the application in as they believed that the applicant was in breach of this condition by using the access off Peel Hall Lane to access his fields. It was believed that this meant the roadway which comes off Peel Hall Lane just after its junction with Booth Avenue and obviously Peel Hall Lane itself.
However, from looking into the history of the site and from consultations with the Highways Section, Peel Hall Lane actually goes up towards the Peel Hall Park development but stops at the brook. As such, the applicant is permitted to use Peel Hall Lane up to the point of the brook but not beyond that point without needing to vary the condition.
The applicant has confirmed that he will not be using the road past the end of Peel Hall Lane as he has field access gates at this point and so does not need to. As such, the applicant is not in breach of any conditions and he has decided to withdraw the application so it is no longer being considered. Therefore, the application can no longer go to committee.
I hope this is clear but please feel free to contact me and I can try and explain further.
Kind Regards,
Gail Etheridge
Senior Planning Officer
Cheshire West and Chester Council
Location: Development Management, The Forum, Chester, CH1 2HS


Equity housing respond to questions

Our thanks to Lynn May for putting the following questions to Equity Housing, who replied swiftly and apologised for not coming to Saturday's meeting.

  • What  is your definition of “affordable” housing? (I appreciate that the selling  price may be subject to the housing market at the time of sale but I assume  you can give a minimum figure.)
  • The properties  will be developed for Shared Ownership. Shared Ownership is primarily aimed at  first time buyers but can include current home owners in exceptional  circumstances such as relationship breakdown etc. Under the terms of Shared  Ownership, we can only sell an initial share in the property of between  25-75%. You are correct that on most schemes, the purchaser can staircase out  to 100% should they have a change in circumstances and be able to afford to,  however given this is a designated rural exception site, the maximum share  that a purchaser can buy through staircasing is 80%. At present, we estimate  that the full open market values will be in the range of £150-175,000. Clearly  this is just an assumption used for financial appraisal purposes and this will  be set much closer to the point of release. Our funders insist that we go to  market with an independent valuation no more than 3 months  old.

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