In 2012 the Parish Council decided that a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) should be produced, in line with the Decentralisation and Localism Bill. A Neighbourhood Planning Team was established to undertake this work on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan should reflect the opinions of local residents, businesses and organisations on the way in which the Parish develops over the next 20 years. Neighbourhood Plans enable communities to guide and promote development in line with the wishes of those in the community. See the Background section below for more information.

Neighbourhood Plans are expected to cover issues such as where new houses should be built and what types of housing we feel are needed, but should also cover other aspects of village life including what open space should be protected, other environmental issues and any views on business and employment.

Current Position The parish consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan took place in early 2016, where the views of the residents, businesses, local organisations and external stakeholders were sought over a 6 week period and the plan subsequently adjusted as appropriate. Feedback was provided to those individuals who provided input and comments in the form of responses to each comment raised. These comments and responses can be found on the Ashton Hayes website under the Consultation section of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The adjusted plan was submitted to Cheshire West and Chester council who appointed an Independent Examiner to review the plan. The Examiner required a number of modifications which were taken on board and agreed by the Neighbourhood Planning Team.

The plan was then put to a local Referendum run by Cheshire West and Chester council. The plan was supported by 96% of those who voted.

The final plan was subsequently adopted by Cheshire West and Chester council and deemed ‘MADE’ in June 2017. Consequently it should be given full weight when determining planning matters.


The Neighbourhood plan comprises three parts which can be downloaded from


The policies and justification to support them. Policies cover five key areas of Environment, Housing, Business & Employment, Transport and Infrastructure and Facilities, Amenities & Social Welfare.

This is supported by a detailed list of referenced sources and a Glossary.


Contains a detailed evidence base underlying PART 1.


Comprises attachments providing more detail and sources. These include a list of the items outside of the planning remit and which have been transferred to the Community Action Program (CAP) for consideration by the Parish Council. Details of the proposed CAP approach are provided in the NP General Documents section.