Public meeting 25th October about the Golden Lion sale


Rumours of a sale of the Golden Lion


Many of you may be hearing rumours that the owner of the Golden Lion might be putting it up for sale.
Everyone is pleased to hear that the pub might, finally, get a new lease of life.
For the past few years the Pub Steering Group of the Parish Council has been trying to determine how we can purchase the Golden Lion as a community pub and hub. We are frustrated that the owner has not entered into a direct dialogue with us about this. In recent months we have been talking in detail with CwaC about the chances of obtaining a Compulsory Purchase Order on the building. The pub is also currently registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) and this basically gives us a 6 month window in which to raise the required finances to purchase the Golden Lion at a ‘fair market price’ should the property be placed on the market.
We are well on the way to developing the business plan to demonstrate how the community could pay for the pub and run it as a going concern. We are also working on the sources of finance that will support either a CPO or purchase. 
Our plan is to complete the DRAFT business plan in the coming weeks and present this to the community for comment at a public meeting in October. The plan will also explain how residents can support the pub purchase, should they wish.
In the meantime, please address questions via the Parish Council Clerk and we will try to answer them.

The Pub Action Group

(Photo Courtesy of Andrew Forgrave)


Period for the exercise of public rights - Parish Council accounts


Fireworks 24th-25th June

The Parish Council have been informed via word of mouth that there may be fireworks this coming weekend 24th and 25th June associated with the Steam Rally.  In the past the Parish Council have been asked to notify animal owners of planned fireworks so that precautions can be taken for the safety of pets and other animals in the village and surrounding areas. 


Mesaage from the local police - Door to door selling

Message sent by

Ryan Reid (Police, PCSO, Chester LPU Rural & Frodsham PCSO)

Dear Householder,
Hawkers, selling household cleaning materials, were reported at several properties in Kelsall, Willington and Oscroft on Friday, 16 June, 2017, and were subsequently moved out the area.
Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Unit will respond to reports of Hawking, and, where appropriate, will seize their bags containing their goods, and report them for summons of peddling without a licence.
Please do not feel pressured into opening the door to strangers, or anyone without identification, even if you think they are legitimate, and certainly do not feel compelled to purchase any of the items on offer.
If you have any concerns about suspicious persons. Please do not hesitate to contact the Police on 101, and report it.