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Mesaage from the local police - Door to door selling

Message sent by

Ryan Reid (Police, PCSO, Chester LPU Rural & Frodsham PCSO)

Dear Householder,
Hawkers, selling household cleaning materials, were reported at several properties in Kelsall, Willington and Oscroft on Friday, 16 June, 2017, and were subsequently moved out the area.
Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Unit will respond to reports of Hawking, and, where appropriate, will seize their bags containing their goods, and report them for summons of peddling without a licence.
Please do not feel pressured into opening the door to strangers, or anyone without identification, even if you think they are legitimate, and certainly do not feel compelled to purchase any of the items on offer.
If you have any concerns about suspicious persons. Please do not hesitate to contact the Police on 101, and report it.