Saturday 22 Nov - BT Updates us

Here is a letter send to Eleanor Johnson today that explains a little more about the phone lines...

Dear Ms Johnson
Thank you for your further email and I am sincerely sorry for the ongoing delays in restoring service to those residents still out.  I fully understand their frustration.
I can assure you that we are dealing with this as a priority.  Unfortunately the matter of the further damaged cable was unforeseen until the work progressed.  However, our contractors have now completed installing the new cable and residents should start to see their service coming back on.
The process of changing a large underground cable can be quite complex, which can occur to crossed lines.  This is a rare occurrence but unfortunately it does seem to have happened in this case.  Our engineers are aware and will look to resolve these as soon as possible.  As previously mentioned, anyone who has a crossed line needs to advise their CP, so we are alerted to this and can remedy as soon as possible.
With regards to compensation, this will be arranged if appropriate via the CP’s.  It may help if I explain that Openreach provides communication services to CP’s on an equal basis. All CPs have dedicated contact points and escalation paths within Openreach if they need any assistance on behalf of their customers. This is the correct industry process and also applies to compensation.
Again, I am very sorry that this repair work is taking much longer than we all hoped.  Our engineers will continue to work as a priority until all customers are confirmed as back in service
Kind regards
Graeme Hughes
BWA721 Openreach High Level Complaints
Customer Issues | Openreach


A guide on how to complain about the phone/broadband problems

The PC and CWAC have put together this guidance on how to make an effective complaint about the phone problems we are having. Please use this if you wish your comments to be heard.


Chronicle highlights school's problems

The Chester Chronicle is supporting our efforts to get BT to sort out the phones issues. This week it highlights the terrible problem the lack of services is causing the school.

The article is here.


Can you tell us if your phones are off or on?

Are you on or off your telephone and broadband at the present time [week beginning 16/11/12]

We know that some people are now back on both services and some are back on telephone but not broadband. We need to have a clear idea as to how many people still have no service so we can take further action if we need to

At the community shop there is a data collection form. Please enter your name , address and when you have been told you will be reconnected below if you are without services.

Once you go back on the service[s] please cross off your name from the list and provide a date alongside as to when the service was resumed.

Forms will also be posted through your door.

The Parish Council




Cheshire Chronicle features our phones problems

We are delighted with the coverage of our village wide problems by Carmella De Lucia at Chester Chronicle. Here is a link.