Consider animals during your firework displays

If you plan to hold a firework display this week please take care and bear in mind that the explosions and flashing lights can frighten horses, other animals and pets. Last year a local farmer lost a foal that was frightened by the festivities.


We now have a Community Land Trust

Well done to everyone who volunteered to set up our Community Land Trust - that came into being this week. (Thanks to Hugo Deynem for the photo)


Government information on fracking

Many people are keen to understand the background to the current seismic surveys going on around the village. The government website has many documents that you may find informative.



Seismic survey and fracking around Ashton Hayes and Horton-Cum-Peel

The Parish Council was only made aware of the recent seismic survey proposals via the leaflets dropped through our doors. Such survey work is deemed as ‘Permitted Development’ and this meant that the Planning Authorities did not inform us of the IGas project.

We aware that many people are concerned about the seismic survey and the possibility that exploration wells may be drilled in our area. Some residents have also been asked if they will allow geophones to be placed in their gardens.

The PC has already writing to the companies concerned expressing their dissatisfaction with their communications. For example, none of the residents in Horton-Cum-Peel received information about the drilling activities taking place on nearby land.

The PC acknowledges that there are a wide variety of opinions about unconventional gas exploration and the councillors wish to be better informed about all the issues.

Our Ward Councillor, Eleanor Johnson, has kindly arranged an information giving and Q & A meeting on Dunham on the Hill on 18 November 2015 by an independent specialist speaker who has broad expertise in the subject.

Places are limited and those attending need to register their names. So far the PC, members of the neighbourhood planning team, and some individuals who have already shown interest in this matter will be going along.

We have some spare places and those keen to join us should contact Jane Colville [01829 752607] or

Following the meeting the PC will hold a discussion about the survey and fracking and formulate an informed response to IGas and CWAC about unconventional gas exploration.


Help manage the future of the village - join our Community Land Trust

At the October meeting, the Parish Council passed a resolution to support the formation of a Community Land Trust (CLT). This is a not-for-private profit organisation set up to hold assets on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the local community - in perpetuity.

Nine residents have so far indicated their willingness to serve on a CLT but there is still room for others. If you are interested please contact Kate Harrison or David Rounthwaite for more details and/or come along to a meeting in the Parish Rooms at 7pm on Tuesday 27th October when John Hesselwood of Cheshire Community Action will introduce us to the necessary practicalities and legalities of setting up and running a CLT.

Kate Harrison:            tel. 01829 751696

David Rounthwaite:          tel. 01829 752070