Equipment, Donations and Volunteers needed by Trafford Mill Restoration Project

A group of volunteers have been busily beavering away over the last 18 months on a project aimed at restoring the historic watermill at Mickle Trafford, parts of which are thought might date back to 1302. when a mill on this stretch of the Gowy was first recorded.

The group's goal is to bring the mill back into use and develop it into a community centre where traditional crafts and skills such as forged metal work, cabinet making, wood and metal turning, joinery, leather work, hedge laying, charcoal making, dry stone walling, lime mortaring, cobbling, food growing and other ancient skills can be revived.

Until recently the mill restoration volunteers - known as 'The Friends of Trafford Mill' - have been working alongside 'The Community Volunteer' (TCV) team

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BT says they are looking into faults!

The twitter campaign led by Ashton Hayes Community Energy Company CIC @ashtonhayesCIC has got a response. See the conversation below. Maybe something will happen?


Phones still out of action? - this may help


If you want to make a complaint about your telephone system failure, the contact detail below should be helpful. Please note that you have to report your own individual fault and have it logged in order for it to be rectified and at a later date to be able to claim any rental rebate/compensation.

Kathy Wilson
Executive Level Complaints
Chairman and Chief Executive's Service Team
BT Retail
Phone: 0131 448 5430


Equity amends housing plans - new comments can now be made

Equity Homes Planning Application

Equity Homes have submitted to the Council some amendments to the plans they put forward a few weeks ago having taken account of some of the comments made. These amendments can be viewed on line by going onto the CWaC Planning webpages and looking for planning application 14/01865/FUL

There is an amended plan and some text explaining what has been changed.

The Council will accept any further comments from the public for the next few days we think. We are not clear yet whether or when the application will be going to the Strategic  Planning Committee for consideratio.


New 'go online' service available in Kelsall

If you would like a bit more help in getting online and using computers you'll be delighted to hear about an exciting new OPAL service starting in Kelsall at 10 am on 1st July at the Royal Oak Hotel. 

GoOnLine is a free service and will operate alternate weeks.

OPAL would like to thank the Royal Oak for their support.

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