Volunteers needed on 11 July for Picnic in the Park

We are going to need a lot of volunteers on the day for all manner of things …on the entrances, overseeing some of the games and stalls, so if you think you can help and spare a little time in the afternoon please let the organisers know via the shop where there will be a volunteers list kept.

We need donations of unwanted childrens' toys and books for a stall being run by Ashton Hayes School Play Group. If you have items please contact either Bob Hooks at or telephone 01829 751705 or Nicola Hooks at .


School ECO event 25 June

Come along for a fun evening


Students begin survey this week

Left to right: Holly Watson, Emily Chapman, Lucy Holland, Cassy Swain, Karen Elliott, Rebecca Spensley, Emma Haughton, Beth Henderson. 

Eight female students from The University of Chester will be spending a few weeks in the village and hope you will assist them with the End of Decade carbon footprint survey. We want to understand the long term implications of our Going Carbon Neutral Project.

They will begin door-to-door surveying from the 16th of May, for approximately 3 weeks. Please have ready recent energy utility bills from the last 12 months, as this will be vital information for the survey.

Participation is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw from the survey at any point. The information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential and data on individual properties will not be published.

Full details here



Are you having phone problems again?

Some residents are reporting that their internet connection is slow again or non existent. The PC is trying to assess the situation and will help to alert BT to the issue. If you have a problem, please can you put your name on the list at the shop or email Jane ( or Garry (

Let's hope this is not another debacle by BT!


Parish Council election results 

Here are the results for the 2015 Parish Council Elections.